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9 Making Use Of Forms Companies with Oracle Individual Sign-On

9 Making Use Of Forms Companies with Oracle Individual Sign-On

9.6.6 Stories Integration with Proxy Users

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The integration with report is held as soon as a proxy user is utilized in methods. The Oracle Reports owner has got to setup a proxy consumer. Make certain that here setup is over into the documents arrangement data.

In rwserver.conf , enter in the techniques arrangement segment brand ( frm_config_name ) and databases SID identity which is set up for proxy owner support (dbname).

In rwservlet.properties , guarantee that Proxy form is definitely allowed.

9.7 Configuring Oracle Net Service

The individuals connecting through a types application as proxy consumers also need to feel described in OracleAS one Sign-On servers and Oracle Internet index. Oracle paperwork authenticates the person via OracleAS sole Sign-On machine (using OracleAS individual Sign-On host with types happens to be essential as soon as utilizing a proxy consumer). Oracle types after that links to the collection being the proxy cellphone owner with a username and password which into the RAD for its Oracle Web Directory entry for your product consumer.

For additional information on Oracle paperwork and identification maintenance consolidation, see Section 11.1.4, “Using Oracle Identity Management Structure.”

To get into the Associate/Disassociate OID webpage:

Get Started On Business Executive.

Demand kinds home-page.

From paperwork diet plan, choose Associate/Disassociate OID .

The Associate/Disassociate OID page try demonstrated.

Figure 9-4 Associate/Disassociate OID

To Relate OID Variety with A Forms Tool

To relate an Oracle net directory site number with a kinds program the very first time, from Associate/Disassociate OID webpage, find the Forms software. Simply Click Associate .

The Associate discussion seems.

Enter the Oracle Internet Directory coordinate info as explained in desk 9-1, “Oracle Web listing hold info”.

The Associate/Disassociate OID web page reappears.

Dining Table 9-1 Oracle Net Directory Site Coordinate Info

Find Oracle Internet database number from your list or locate New OID coordinate to incorporate newer Host information.

Host title associated with LDAP database servers. This industry was permitted if you’ve got chosen to incorporate latest Oracle Internet Directory Host.

Harbor numbers where LDAP happens to be paying attention. This field are allowed if you’ve got selected to increase brand new Oracle online list variety.

Oracle owner username

Oracle owner code

Determine this box if the connection to the Oracle online service number should make use of SSL (in which case the interface number given must be the SSL harbor).

The OracleAS one Sign-On host, work the ssoreg.sh software from $ORACLE_HOME/sso/bin .

On house windows, manage the ssoreg.bat file.

Restart the Oracle WebLogic Managed servers in addition to the front-end OHS for that variations taking effect.

Avoiding people from are unintentionally disconnected from active types periods, be certain to want to start Oracle WebLogic Managed servers and so the front-end OHS at a convenient time period if individuals are not run any paperwork sessions.

To Disassociate OID Host from A Ways Tool

From the Associate/Disassociate OID web page, select the techniques software. Click Disassociate .

a confirmation package seems.

The Oracle net Directory coordinate are disassociated within the methods software.

Start the Oracle WebLogic operated host and also the front-end OHS towards improvement to take effects.

To stop consumers from getting accidentally disconnected from effective forms classes, be certain to make the decision to start Oracle WebLogic Managed servers as well as the front-end OHS at an easy moment once people will not be working any methods treatments.

To re-associate an OID variety with a methods program

Through the Associate/Disassociate OID page, find the paperwork program. Touch Disassociate .

From your Associate/Disassociate OID webpage, find paperwork application. Mouse Click Link .

Go into the Oracle net listing variety things as outlined in desk 9-1, “Oracle websites directory site hold Details”.

On Microsoft windows, operate the ssoreg.bat data.

Resume the Oracle WebLogic operated servers plus the front-end OHS for updates taking effects.

To prevent owners from getting by mistake disconnected from effective paperwork trainings, confirm that you elect to restart Oracle WebLogic operated servers and also the front-end OHS at a convenient experience if owners may not be working any methods trainings.

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